September 20, 2016

IQ Booking

Dear Frnds
For JTO LICE paper which is going to held in Meerut on Saturday.
Outstation JE's Frnds who want to book IQ for there stay.
Kindly send the Application request by mail to mail ID
With your HRMS No:   and Mobile No:

If any of JE Frnd find any problem in reaching the Exam Centre as it is on delhi Meerut  bypass road

plz free to call
DS  SNATTA Meerut Shri Gaurav Ji 91-9412783677
DP SNATTA  Meerut Shri Pawan Ji 91-9412783670

September 19, 2016

Tommorow Hunger Strike

Dear Frnds
As u r aware that Tommorow is Hunger Strike.
So JE Frnds to show unity with our Alliance Partner BSNL EU
Max JE's should reach CO for it
Our Respected DGS will b there so b there sharp 10:00AM.
For Our Future we should Show Unity

September 17, 2016

Training letter sent to Jabalpur

Finally after talks with all level of Administration
From GM , DGM , AGM ( Admin )

For JTO Training Circle office had  sent Letter to BRBRAITT Jabalpur as conveyed by Circle office

Plz Passed candidates waiting for Training
kindly check at Ur Source for the same

Especial thanks for
Shri Upender Sharma Ji ACS SNEA
for his efforts n co-operation for Training letter to get completed.

September 09, 2016

BSNL Corporate Office issued model notification for JTO (T) LICE for vacancy year 2015-16 Click Here For Forwarding Letter Model Notification Exam Centres 

August 30, 2016

JTO LICE 22nd May 2016 List

 List of Candidates who appeared in the LICE for promotion to JTO (T) held on 22.05.2016 in Meerut UP (W)
Eligibility Total
Double entry 6


Not Eligible due to  less Pay   Scale

Not Eligible due to less service 2

Provisionally Eligible

Grand Total

S.No. Reg. No Name of Candidates HRMS No.  Eligibility
1 501538 AJAI PAL SINGH 200800364 Double entry
2 510934 HEMKANT GUPTA 200802653 Double entry
3 500612 SHAHNAWAZ ALAM ANSARI 200803961 Double entry
4 511828 PARVEZ ALAM 200803968 Double entry
5 511893 ATUL KUMAR 200803966 Double entry
6 511343 AMIT KUMAR SINGH 200802643 Double entry
7 502576 SANJAY KUMAR SINGH 200205348 Eligible
8 506792 DHARMENDER 199703130 Eligible
9 506965 PRANESH KUMAR 200800604 Eligible
10 505589 VASHISHT KUMAR DUBEY 200401000 Eligible
11 501211 LALIT KUMAR BHARTI 200400999 Eligible
12 503169 SATYA PRAKASH YADAV 200302909 Eligible
13 505081 RAJEEV KUMAR 200802735 Eligible
14 501821 SUBODH SINGH 200401001 Eligible
15 505643 AJAI PAL SINGH 200800364 Eligible
16 500549 AJAY PANDEY 200302325 Eligible
17 505316 AJAY KUMAR 99504780 Eligible
18 500064 NAVNEET SHRIVASTAVA 200802268 Eligible
19 508717 ANUPAM PATHAK 200303728 Eligible
20 506223 AMIT KUMAR 200301925 Eligible
21 503405 BRAJENDRA SINGH 200302454 Eligible
22 507271 ABHAY KUMAR GARG 200303332 Eligible
23 509709 PRAMOD KUMAR GUPTA 198206840 Eligible
24 507363 RAVI SHANKER SHARMA 200304597 Eligible
25 502755 VIMAL KUMAR GUPTA 200303759 Eligible
26 501292 VINAY KUMAR TRIPATHI 200802427 Eligible
27 502913 SANDEEP KUMAR GAUR 200803773 Eligible
28 501193 DILEEP KUMAR 199900960 Eligible
29 502742 PREM PAL 200301126 Eligible
30 503162 PUNEET KUMAR NEEKHAREY 200303942 Eligible
31 502302 SAPNA VERMA 200801468 Eligible
32 503907 SATANDER KUMAR YADAV 20034041 Eligible
33 507515 RAJA RAM 198300339 Eligible
34 505673 AJAY KUMAR 200303312 Eligible
35 502933 ANIL KUMAR 200800954 Eligible
36 500173 RAJEEV ARYA 200600441 Eligible
37 501030 BHUPENDER KUMAR BAMBAL 200600230 Eligible
38 507700 NAVEEN CHANDRA 198310429 Eligible
39 501646 PRAMOD KUMAR 200600220 Eligible
40 500146 SUBHASH CHANDRA SONKAR 200802055 Eligible
41 505963 SUNITA KUMARI 200301838 Eligible
42 503365 AMIT SHARMA 200500715 Eligible
43 506028 TEJ PAL SINGH 199901610 Not Eligible due to  less Pay Scale
44 503216 RAKESH KUMAR 199308305 Not Eligible due to less Pay scale
45 500518 AMIT KUMAR 201100358 Not Eligible due to less service
46 510823 ANISH KUMAR SINGH 902492 Not Eligible due to less service
47 511798 LALIT KUMAR 200900625 Provisionally Eligible
48 511448 SUNIL PAL 200802531 Provisionally Eligible
49 511545 SUBODH KUMAR SHARMA 200803820 Provisionally Eligible
50 511438 AJAY KUMAR RAI 200803216 Provisionally Eligible
51 503440 SHIVBABU 200401180 Provisionally Eligible
52 506533 MANOJ KUMAR YADAVA 200306348 Provisionally Eligible
53 510478 PEEYUSH MISHRA 200804092 Provisionally Eligible
54 510917 SAURABH AGARWAL 200802838 Provisionally Eligible
55 510915 ABHISHEK SHARMA 200803070 Provisionally Eligible
56 511402 BHUPENDRA KUMAR 200801912 Provisionally Eligible
57 511563 GAURAV VASHISHTHA 200803627 Provisionally Eligible
58 510871 PRASHANT VERMA 200803622 Provisionally Eligible
59 511079 DEEPAK PRASAD 200802604 Provisionally Eligible
60 511002 GAURAV PRAKASH CHOUDHARY 200803935 Provisionally Eligible
61 501290 HEMKANT GUPTA 200802653 Provisionally Eligible
62 510869 LAVENDRA KUMAR 200803621 Provisionally Eligible
63 510868 MANEET KUMAR 200903462 Provisionally Eligible
64 505723 MANOJ KUMAR 200902410 Provisionally Eligible
65 500831 MOHIT KUMAR CHAUDHARY 200803653 Provisionally Eligible
66 510870 NIPENDRA KUMAR 200802415 Provisionally Eligible
67 502175 PAVAN KUMAR GOYAL 200803639 Provisionally Eligible
68 510690 PUNIT MITTAL 200904325 Provisionally Eligible
69 510916 JAI PRAKASH 200802958 Provisionally Eligible
70 505903 SHAHID AHMED 200802589 Provisionally Eligible
71 511920 SHAHNAWAZ ALAM ANSARI 200803961 Provisionally Eligible
72 511090 SHRADHA JAIN 200803967 Provisionally Eligible
73 504924 SURESH CHANDRA SINGH 200500611 Provisionally Eligible
74 510742 RANJEET KUMAR SINGH 200803659 Provisionally Eligible
75 511341 ANUJ SHARMA 200802603 Provisionally Eligible
76 511807 YOGENDRA PRATAP SINGH 200802866 Provisionally Eligible
77 510876 ABHISHEK JAISWAL 200803937 Provisionally Eligible
78 510866 MOHD IQBAL 200803203 Provisionally Eligible
79 511606 FAIZ ALI ANSARI 200804086 Provisionally Eligible
80 510486 JHUMA NATH 200803986 Provisionally Eligible
81 511973 MANOJ KUMAR VERMA 200802271 Provisionally Eligible
82 511842 LALTA PRASAD YADAV 200802645 Provisionally Eligible
83 511373 MADAN SINGH 200801915 Provisionally Eligible
84 511031 NANAK CHAND 200802393 Provisionally Eligible
85 504677 DEVENDRA SINGH 200803611 Provisionally Eligible
86 500708 PARVEZ ALAM 200803968 Provisionally Eligible
87 511516 PRAVEEN KUSHWAHA 200803772 Provisionally Eligible
88 511530 BRAHM PAL SINGH 200804118 Provisionally Eligible
89 511473 MOHAMMAD SHIRAZ IRFAN 200803660 Provisionally Eligible
90 511502 SAURABH YADAV 200801909 Provisionally Eligible
91 510914 MANOJ KUMAR PHADWAS 200802959 Provisionally Eligible
92 511376 RAHUL TITWAL 200802605 Provisionally Eligible
93 511632 UDAY PRATAP PAL 200803668 Provisionally Eligible
94 511293 UMESH KUMAR 200803670 Provisionally Eligible
95 510806 VIPIN KUMAR PRAJAPATI 200803285 Provisionally Eligible
96 510848 YADAV SANTOSHKUMAR KALPANATH 200802867 Provisionally Eligible
97 511895 SURENDRA  MOHAN VERMA 200803898 Provisionally Eligible
98 511919 PRADEEP KUMAR 200802270 Provisionally Eligible
99 511144 VIVEK KUMAR VERMA 200803938 Provisionally Eligible
100 511894 SURENDRA SINGH 200803964 Provisionally Eligible
101 511298 MANORAMA LAL 200803640 Provisionally Eligible
102 500553 ATUL KUMAR 200803966 Provisionally Eligible
103 510905 DHARMENDRA KUMAR 902496 Provisionally Eligible
104 510705 HARENDRA  SINGH 200801914 Provisionally Eligible
105 501072 AMIT KUMAR SINGH 200802643 Provisionally Eligible
106 510488 REETENDRA KUMAR 200803899 Provisionally Eligible
107 511445 PANKAJ KUMAR 200802644 Provisionally Eligible
108 511310 PURNIMA 200801910 Provisionally Eligible
109 511491 CHANDRADITYA SAGAR SARNAGAR 200803947 Provisionally Eligible
110 502271 SANDEEP ANAND 200803868 Provisionally Eligible
111 510770 SHAILENDRA KUMAR SINGH 200904081 Provisionally Eligible
112 510997 SHIVANI KATARIA 200803723 Provisionally Eligible
113 510989 SONU KUMAR 200803774 Provisionally Eligible
114 500503 SURENDRA SINGH 200803964 Provisionally Eligible

August 25, 2016


August 20, 2016


30% superannuation benefit?
Employees of any PSU is covered under three financial benefits..
Serving benefit (Basic +DA)
Retirement benefit (PF + Gratuity + Post Retirement Medical + Pension)
Other benefits (Perks, Allowances, Incentives etc.)
Out of three serving benefits is statutory while working for the company even company goes in seek condition. Some portion of retirement benefit is also statutory and some portion is variable depending on financial health of the company. Other benefits like Perks and allowance are totally variable and depend on the financial health of the company and individual performance. First, company has to pay serving benefits in totality and then retirement benefits and then only other benefits.
BSNL is paying serving benefits to all employees in totality except those who have recruited on or after 01-01-2007 as per the latest recommendations of PRC.
BSNL is also paying retirement benefits in totality to all absorbed employees (About 3.5 Lakhs since formation of BSNL) but paying partially to direct recruits. As per the 2nd PRC, PSU have to contribute totally 30% of Basic + DA but BSNL is only making contribution of statutory portion i.e. EPF (12%) + Gratuity (4.5%) and post retirement medical benefit (1.5%) total comes to 18%. We are yet short of 12% which BSNL has to contribute in the name of superannuation benefit like NPS, contributory fund etc in respect of direct recruits.
Affordability of BSNL can not be the reason for not paying the superannuation benefits in totality to direct recruits of this company as it is already paying to about 3 lakhs employees in the name of pension contribution even on maximum of the basic. All other benefits recommended by 2nd PRC is already extended in totality to about 3 Lakhs employees considering company was in profit during 2006-2007. Moreover company is already paying 2% professional upgradation, transport allowance etc as perks and allowance to about 3 Lakhs employees which can not be paid before covering the retirement benefits of every employees. First of all company has to cover serving and retirement benefits in totality in respect of every employees before entering into the perks and allowance. This is totally due to discrimination by the management and our weakness to raise the voice strongly. In this proposed strike we are committed to resolve this issue and force management to contribute remaining 12% of Basic +DA (which comes around 5000 to 6000 per month)

July 11, 2016

Appeal From ALL JE's to Register within Two Days

As per Instructions given from DGS Shri Sunil Gautam JI
" As per information Registration for 2nd JTO LICE exam scheduled on 28.08.2016 started,now it is requested to all aspiring candidates to fill form with in day or two.
Strategically this is very important, give wide publicity among all to do registration with in above mention time frame.
So its an Appeal to ALL JE's
Kindly Register for the Second Paper within Two Days.

July 02, 2016

Letter No's

Letter for DR TTA 2007 CO Letter 
                              No.10-1/2007-Rectt.    05.12.2007
Letter of UP West Circle to all SSA's
                   UPW/9-72/TTA/DR/2007-Rectt./49 06.12.2007
                  UPW/9-72/TTA/DR/2007-Rectt./78 30.01.2008
Paper conducted in 23 & 24 Feb. 2008

June 29, 2016


All District Secretaries are requested to forward the names of 8 members (Four Main and Four Standby for LCM/District Body of BSNLEU) to All these members should have the membership of BSNLEU, if not then should obtain the membership in next month. SNATTA CHQ has asked the names as mentioned below:

All Circle/SSA Office bearers are hereby requested to nominate LCM and RJCM members from their respective Circle/SSA and Discuss with CHQ

June 03, 2016

Fund Collection 500 Rs per JE's

Its An Appeal for All the JE's of UP West
that as 2014-15 Notification is issued by BSNL CO.
CHQ is  doing efforts for 2009  Eligibility .....
But Last JTO LICE Result of 2007 Batch Provisionally Allowed had not been declared f
or which May be in near Future we have to legallyFight for the same

( As Scenario at CO and Updated being given from Union's Association's).
Its a
Request to all 2007 , 2008  , 2009  , 2010 BATCH    JE's
that start  Collecting 500 Rs per JE's in UR SSA.
( as would  be the Last Collection for SNATTA cause would be J T O 's in BSNL afterwards )
So that we could Fight together for Our Respective Eligibilties.

No Doubt
if 2007 Result is accepted for the First Paper 2009 would be eligible for the
August Paper by Default.( as in Rajasthan Circle Some of Our JE's went on
Training before 1st July )

Those misguiding with wrong Inputs and Breaking this Unity by which we had achieved so much.
Plz just a
word to all of you that Don't Spoil Ur and Our's Future.

May 23, 2016

2009 Batch Frnds PLZ collect Data

Dear JE Frnds,
Its an Appeal N Request from 2009 Batch JE Frnds.
PLZ Collect Data among your Recruitment Year Frnds that if any of  JE is being Sent on Training before July'09  so that Legally All 2009 Batch can be allowed in coming August JTO LICE.

Reply back on so that can be forwarded to CHQ SNATTA

May 21, 2016

Best of Luck

Best of Luck to all the Candidates
For all those JE's who r Eligible for JTO ( T)👍👍
For them also who r Provisionally Eligible .

UP West SNATTA Circle body
Wishes Good luck to all the candidates for there Exam.

May 20, 2016


UP (W) telecom Circle has issued order for Phase-I JTO (T) Induction Training for LICE 2013 qualified Ex-Servicemen JEs. Click Here for Order

IQ Booking

Dear Friends!
Based on the requests received, following IQs have been booked at Meerut:
4 Suite's at Pallavpuram for Aligarh SSA
1 Suite at  Ganga Nagar for Rampur SSA
1 Suite GMTD Meerut

All left over can adjust with prior consent of those, IQs are booked for.

From your own CS SNATTA UPW (Always ready to help you out)

May 19, 2016


Dear J.E. Friends,
As known to all of us, the first JTO (T) LICE 2016 is planned to be conducted in Meerut on 22.05.2016 at following two centers:
1. The Professional Tally Ghar..
(  Landmark: behind  Lal Book Depot infront of Rajdhani Medical Store )
2. MICI  ( Landmark: Evis Chauraha 600 Mtrs towards Hapur Adda oposite to Petrol Pump )
( In case of any problem, pl feel free to call
Circle Treasurer Shri Brij Raj Pal 9412052629
District President Shri Pawan 9412783670
District Secretary  Shri Gaurav 9412783677 )

All those desiring to book IQ can send their duly signed applications addressed to GMTD Meerut at


It is learnt from reliable sources that Phase-I JTO (T) Induction Training for JTO (T) LICE 2013 qualified Ex-Servicemen JEs of UP West Telecom Circle will commence on 23.05.2016 at BRBRAITT Jabalpur. The letter is expected to be issued tomorrow. We are thankful to Mr. Upendra Singh Teotia CS BSNLEU UP West and Mr. Naresh Pal ACS BSNLEU UP West for their kind support. The efforts of Mr. Harish Sharma (Meerut SSA) and Mr. Sachin Sharma (Circle Office) are highly appreciated.

May 14, 2016


Father of Sh. Vipin Kumar Prajapati (President SNATTA UP West) passed away.
We pray to almighty to rest the divine soul in peace and grant the courage to the bereaved family to bear this untimely grief.