August 15, 2017


SNATTA UP (W) Wishes you all A Very Very Happy Independence Day and Shri Krishna Janmashtami

July 25, 2017

Dear Friends,
            We all know that most of our issues were resolved on the platform of SNATTA. All it was done with the help of recognized unions/ associations. Still there are many issues pending, for which we need support of other unions and associations. We all (Employees of BSNL irrespective of cadre) are sailing in the same boat. We can achieve more with united efforts and by co-operating with each other. At this crucial juncture unity of employees (irrespective of affiliation with unions and associations) is of prime importance to achieve desired objectives.
            In present situation it is our moral responsibility to support the proposed strike on 27-07-2017. So, I personally appeal you all, to actively participate in strike on 27-07-2017.
            The JEs undergoing field training or on probation may keep themselves away from this strike.
            Wishing you all the best.
                                                           RK UPADHYAY
                                                          AGS SNATTA CHQ
                                                          Central Co-Ordinator SNATTA UP (W)

June 26, 2017

June 24, 2017

Congratulations to all JTO Qualified Frnds

Congratulation to all JE's Qualified in JTO LDCE
UP West result

We want to Thanks
JTO est. Shri Saurabh Ji
ADT Rect. Shri Mukesh Sir
AGM Sir shri Rakesh Saxena ji

For there shear hard work n efforts
Finally JTO 2015-16 Result got declared

Though the reason for which result was delayed of 8 Candidates not qualified in this result due to Seat crunch in UP West to make them also qualified was not achieved due to administrative reasons
At last
On behalf of All candidates qualified in Result

We Sincerely thanks from the core of Our hearts to all the above Officer's

To having as usual always Postive approach towards benefits of Employee's

Abhishek Sharma

May 05, 2017

Performa for Service GSM Mobile Connection

Bharat  Sanchar Nigam Limited
O/o CGMT , UP ( W) Circle Shastri Nagar , Telephone Exchange Building , Meerut

Performa for Service GSM Mobile Connection
Name of officer

HRMS no.


Pay Scale

Office address

Residential address

Duty attached to post


Is GSM plan - 525 connection required

Facility Required

Status of Previous service  GSM

Mobile connection if provided

Telephone no. working if any :

( a ) Office

( b ) Residebtial

( c ) WLL


Place :
Date :
Signature of Applicant…………………

Recommendation of Controlling Officer

April 16, 2017


SNATTA UP West congratulates its members on successful completion of JTO (T) Phase-I Induction Training. We wish them very best for Field Training.

April 05, 2017


SNATTA UP WEST Wishes Blessed Ram Navami to one and all.

April 03, 2017


SNATTA UP (W) thanks SNATTA CHQ for untiring efforts put in to get the JTO (T) LICE Dec 2016 result declared.

We not only hope but are sure that their support and guidance will lead us to get the anomalies corrected.


Some of our friends feel that their names are missing from the list of qualified candidates in JTO (T) LICE Dec 2016, by mistake. Such cases are to be reported to: 

BSNL Corporate Office: and   


with details such as:
HRMS Number:
Roll Number:
Registration Number:
Exam Cenre:

SNATTA UP (W) will support them to the best of its level and will leave no stone unturned to get justice to them.



SNATTA UP (W) congratulates all friends successful in JTO (T) LICE Dec 2016.

For Letter          Click Here
For Result         Click Here
For Final Key   Click Here

March 12, 2017

January 13, 2017


SNATTA UPW Wishes Happy Makar Sankranti to one and all

January 10, 2017

Thanks to All

SNATTA UP West Circle Body sincerely say a
Big Thanks to all of Offical's from Managment and
all of the Office bearer of different Executive Association's and Active members of SNATTA
Last but not the least to Our CHQ, GS and DGS.

To start with
Due to Pursuance of GS AITEEA Shri Manoj ji of ALTTC Gazaibad for  allotment of ALTTC  to UP West Telecom Circle for Phase 1 training as till yesterday for phase - 1 Training of UP West no Training allotment was done. Thanks for his prompt action and take up of issue from his end at ALTTC Gaziabad

To Shri Sanjeev Sharama Ji CS SNEA  & Shri Upender Sharma Ji ACS SNEA UP West
to look up the case from UP West Circle office
n Shri Surajpal ji AGM HR I for contacting the Jabalpur Training Centre


Shri Anoop Ji , Shri Sunil ji , Datta bhai , Upadayay ji and  CHQ Members for taking the issue as a whole

Shri Manoj Phadwas Ji JAO , Shri Saurabh Ji JE  n other Friends who worked hard for the allotment of Training Centre.
Thanks all

Even Thanks for 2009 Batch Friends who worked in
completing the E verification at SSA Level
though the work is still pending but within a week from 155 about only 30 Cases are to verified.

"" THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who helped in Our Bright Future ahead ""

January 03, 2017

All office bearers at SSA level are requested to get the eligibility of all the members verified for JTO (T) LICE Dec 2016. Please don't get confused with the excel data sent earlier. The efforts put in by Mr. Manoj Mishra (Vice President SNATTA UPW) and Mr. Himanshu Sharma (Treasurer SNATTA Mathura) made Mathura SSA to be the First SSA in UP West Telecom Circle to e- verify the eligibility. The co-operation extended by Mr. Abhishek Sharma CS SNATTA UPW and Mr. Sachin Sharma JE Meerut in liaising with Circle Office is praiseworthy. We are thankful to Mr. Sunil Gautam  Dy GS SNATTA CHQ and Mr. Abhishek JE NTR for liaising with BSNL Corporate Office. In case of any query feel free to call devoted duo Mr. Manoj Mishra and Mr. Himanshu Sharma at 9412244425 and 9412244418 respectively. 

January 01, 2017

SNATTA UP West wishes A Very Very Happy New Year to One And All

December 24, 2016

Join the Future of Our's BSNL EO

All JE's of UP West  specially those who had givwn any of the JTO LICE Or JAO LICE.
kindly Join the Group some are already the memeber but many are not So plz Join the Group

December 09, 2016

IQ Rooms Booked for Up Coming JTO LICE on 11.12.2016

Dear Frnds
As per Mail received by different
JE Friends of different SSA of UP West
 from Today
Following IQ r being booked

Total Rooms booked 6 Rooms for near about
14 persons as per Availability
as in all remaining Rooms r booked for some Sanchar mantry Name

Ganga Nagar IQ 2 Rooms
1 Room for Agra SSA
1 Room for Mathura SSA

Pallavpuram IQ 3 Rooms
2 Room for Rampur SSA
1 Room for Pilibhit SSA

GMTD IQ 1 Room
Etah SSA

Remaining JE friends if any want to stay in IQ
kindly co-ordinate with the respective
SSA for adjustment in the rooms

Abhishek Sharma
CS is not Criticsed by Some 😉😉
Circle Secretory

December 02, 2016

LICE JTO Result of UP (W) Declared Today

Finally Today Circle office declared the much awaited for 1 month JTO LICE UP ( W ) Result.
For which lot of effort n rounds of explanation for issues nqueries were made for the past months from GM to DGM to AGM to SDE Level.

Special Thanks to CHQ DGS Shri Sunil Ji
For  round the clock 24hrs Help and  Clearing all Iff n Butsss of Circle office UP (W) 
By himself n by the Corporate office AGM's n DGM's of prompt reply for solving the unnenceassry issue created by Circle.

Thanks to 
Shri Sanjeev Ji CS SNEA UP ( W)
Shri Upender Sir ACS SNEA UP ( W )
For all help in Persuing n solving the matter for the JTO LICE Result at Circle Administration level

And Thanks to all Circle Secretories of UP ( W)  and other Official's for helping the same

For those JE's friend whose result is not declared it is also about to get declared soon.

December 01, 2016

Important for 3rd JTO LICE

The E Verification must be done from all circles to issue admit card for 3rd JTO LICE.The format for E Verification data to be verified by Circle/SSA staff section is attached below.All Circle/SSA SNATTA office bearers are requested to persue their concerned staff section to complete the E Verification process fast.The E Verified data must be sent to Corporate Office within 03.12.2016.

N.B:As for verification from SSA there are lot of confusion about E verification as somewhere in the ERP module,it is not active presently.In those case,candidate may ask their SSA Admin to verify the data as it was sent in previous LICE manually or by mail to circle Admin as early as possible and ask to contact Circle Admin.

CS SNATTA Already had sent the SMS for the same

November 29, 2016

IQ Booking in Meerut SSA for Upcoming JTO LICE

Dear Frnds
As Next JTO LICE would be going to held in Meerut.
So all Out Station JE who wants to book IQ for there Stay in Meerut.

Plz send Application Request for IQ
with Ur I-Card copy

in the name To GMTD Meerut

To mail ID

( Already some SSA had sent the request so plz send in Time )


Those JE's waiting for Result , File had moved to CGMT Table
In a day or so Circle would declare the result.

UP West

November 03, 2016


SNATTA UPW congratulates all the successful members of JTO (T) LICE conducted on 24.09.2016.
Best of luck for those preparing for next LICE to be conducted in December 2016.

October 29, 2016

October 26, 2016

APPEAL FOR CL ON 02.11.2016

All members of SNATTA UP West Telecom Circle are requested to avail one day CL on 02.11.2016 to protest non implementation of SAB for BSNL Recruited Employees.

October 25, 2016


The time has come to fight for our right. To propel our present to a better future we have to be united and work together for the common goal of 30% Super Annuation Benefit. SNATTA invite all the dicrectly recruited comrades, in whatever position or association/union they may belong to, to work uninanimously on a common platform, known as SAB, so that no stone will remain unturned in our path  of struggle to secure our future by assuring 30% superannuation benefit. Friends, we have  to "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached".